Sundays At David's


Sunday Brunch, the North American invention, not breakfast, not lunch but it all comes with a slice of cantaloupe, the fast paced, cocktail accompanied manner to cure the weekend hangover.

Sunday Lunch, a holdover of the European tradition of a slow and sumptuous feast involving family, friends and many courses of crafted dishes, some wine and time for dessert.

"Enjoying some good wine and slow food, on a leisurely, sunny Sunday afternoon is like a weekend holiday"

True to our spirit at David's we offer to you a day of leisure and pleasure all day, every Sunday.

The Sunday menu will feature a 3 course offering at a significantly reduced price, available all day and evening every Sunday. Our Chef will be creating a unique Sunday Brunch Menu each week. The menu will be determined by noon that day. Below you will see an example of what a menu could consist of.

Join us and enjoy a "weekend holiday"

Prime Rib Sunday

Sample of David's Sunday Menu



Soup of the day - made fresh daily
Caesar Salad - with double smoked bacon, parmesan, & house made croutins
Mixed Greens salad - red pepper, cucumber & red onion, with house made vinaigrette



Maple glazed duck breast on duck confit risotto
Carolina cut ribeye with calamari, pico de gallo butter served with seasonal vegetables & baked potato


Dessert of choice