Sundays At David's


As you may be able to tell our 2018 menu takes us back to the “old school” menus. With a steakhouse style Shrimp Cocktail and of course our highly acclaimed proteins from Norwich Packers we thought we would bring it full circle at the end of the week. Wanting to show off our relationship with one of Canada’s premier beef suppliers we are featuring a traditional Prime Rib 3 course menu every Sunday.

We have set about seasoning and slow roast Prime Rib cuts first thing in the morning. While doing that we make a fresh batch of Yorkshire Pudding and continue this throughout the day. The Prime Rib is out of the oven in time to ensure that we have time to let it rest and recollect all of its juices.

When you order we cut your piece and should it require further cooking we do so on our Vulcan charbroiler. We highly recommend under Medium Well however.

Start with a soup or salad, finish with one of our house made desserts and enjoy a traditional “old school” Prime Rib dinner.



Prime Rib Sunday